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P24-M FMR project benefits Gambang, Bakun folks; community participation applauded


mogao batanes lein

Gambang, Bakun, Benguet- Around 300 farm families here are now enjoying the benefits of a completed 7.38-km long farm-to-market road turned-over to them by the CHARM2 Project on April 19, 2016.


The project, Improvement of Mogao-Batanes-Le-in Farm to Market Road had a contract amount of PhP23,272,679.92. The road was constructed on April 1, 2014 and was completed on December 1, 2014. It specifically benefits the sitios of Mogao, Lein, Batanes, Paasin, Nangayan and Lebeng. It was inaugurated on March 2015 and turned-over to the communities for its maintenance and sustainability.

Dak-dake ay tulong di indawat nan kalsada en dakami ay farmers karkaru nu panag-uudan. Baken et nagalis. (The road is a big help to us especially during rainy season. It’s no longer slippery),” said Sabado Sicladoy, a farmer beneficiary from Sitio Le-in.

Mr. Sicladoy, 62, is a farmer for more than 40 years in their sitio. He said that before, they had to pay for ‘comboys’ (porters) who would carry their vegetable harvest from their farm in Sitio Le-in going to the road in Sitio Mogao. “Idwani et makatipid kami si mga 50% tan engay dumanun di kalsada sin galdin mi (We are saving around 50% since the road can now reach our farms),” he said.

The residents further said that they have to walk for hours before just to reach the main road since no public utility vehicles are traversing it. Also, only dual vehicles can pass through because of its rugged and steep terrain.

“The successful completion of the road was made possible through support, cooperation andsacrifices of the community during the implementation of the subproject,” said Engr. Mary Ann Fianza, CHARMP2 staff.

mogao-batanes-leinEngr. Fianza said the Barangay Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Team (BPMET) of Brgy. Gambang, whose members are local officials and residents, has done their part in making sure that the set standard of the road was followed. “Miki monitor ak si mga 2-3 times a week sin madama ay macon-construct din kalsada,” said Albin Diwas, BPMET chairman and a farmer who is already in his late 50s. He said he had to walk for hours during monitoring and sometimes, it would take him a day to finish his monitoring.

Governor Nestor B. Fongwan urged the community to continue actively participating in the maintenance and sustainability of the road so it will also benefit the next generations.

The project is co-shared by the CHARM2 Project (70%), Department of Agriculture (20%), and MLGU (10%).// Crislyn F. Balangen

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