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26 women finish Farmer’s Business School course in Bashoy, Kabayan


 FBS Bashoy 2016

After almost a year of extended Farmer’s Business School (FBS), 26 women finally completed the course and officially graduated on April 13, 2016 at Babalak, Bashoy, Kabayan, Benguet.


CPOThe FBS is a program of the CHARM2 Project under its Agriculture Agribusinessand Income Generating (AAIGA) activities which is a participatory learning approach that aims to support farmer groups’ participation in and benefit from agricultural market chains.


Project Manager Cameron P. Odsey remarked that the FBS aims to teach and train farmers to become entrepreneurs that they may also go beyond production.


In Bashoy, Kabayan, the Farmer’s Business School tackled topics on processing and marketing of vegetable products (snack foods). “Adu ti naadal mi ditoy FBS kasla kuma iti panag-process mi dagiti mulmula mi nga nateng (We’ve learned a lot from the FBS such as the processing of our own vegetable produce),” said Jallen Pasiteng, a graduate of the FBS.


The FBS was extended to almost a year since students requested for more sessions. It started on March 2015 and ended on February 2016.


FBS BashoyAll 26 women graduates are members of the Cold Breeze Women’s Association, a CHARMP2- assisted livelihood interest group (LIG). The women’s organization was originally named the Babadak Store Owner’s Group that was organized through the CHARMP2 in 2013. With just 10 original members, the group expanded to 38 members and was renamed to Cold Breeze Women’s Association last year. Members of the association are also working as porters and tourist guides at Mt. Pulag. On their free time, they manage their business.


The association was also a recipient of the livelihood interest fund, which the CHARMP2 through its livelihood component gives to LIGs. They were given a capital fund of PhP50, 000 for their sari-sari store business which prospered and the group was able to repay the amount back to their community financial institution (CFI) after eight months. The LAF will be granted to them once they passed the assessment and submit all requirements.

 FBS Bashoy

Members said that if the LAF will be granted to them, they will use it for their bakery business. In fact, they have already started their new business of baking vegetable snack foods such as muffins and cookies last December. It is where they applied what they have learned from the FBS. They sell their products mostly to tourists. It is also the reason that their sari-sari store business prospered because there are many tourists in their locality who buys in their store.


FBS BashoyMr. Roger Kents Bastian, one of the FBS facilitator and their former community development officer said the graduates are yet requesting for another FBS that will teach them how to make souvenir products since most of the Mt. Pulag souvenir products sold are just bought from outside. He said that the group is really interested to learn more; in fact, one of the graduates voluntarily offered her place to become their FBS venue and they have actively participating in the FBS.//Crislyn Fianza Balangen

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