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2 LIGs received Php150, 000 LAF from CHARMP2

LAF turnover_Napsong LIG

Proving that they are capable of utilizing loaned funds to fuel their proposed and approved business plans, two more livelihood interest groups (LIGs) in barangay Napsong, Madaymen, Kibungan finally received their livelihood assistance fund (LAF) as grant capital from the Second Cordillera Highland Agricultural Resource Management Project (CHARMP2) on July 27, 2016.
These LIGs namely (i) Napsong Women’s Organization (NWO) received Php50, 000.00 and (ii) Napsong Sacaang Camiling Coffee Arabica Growers Association or NASACACAGA received Php100, 000.00 who rated 92% and 82%, respectively, during their LAF assessment. NWO went into relending for swine fattening while NASACACAGA ventured in consolidation and marketing of Arabica parchment coffee and other agricultural products and buy and sell of NFA rice. According to NASACACAGA president Manuel Gapew, those who buy NFA rice are usually those farmers that concentrate in chayote farming.
“Wada di naitapi ay income mi isnan organization (There is additional income in our organization),” expressed Ms. Marcela Gapew, president of NWO which was organized in 2002 under the Rural Improvement Club. Ms. Gapew, being a mother of 9 children, shared that it is difficult to budget finances especially when the children are already going to school. Ms. Gapew and family are into chayote farming wherein income is dependent to market price. When the price is high, their income becomes sufficient and when it is low, they have to prioritize their needs.
Municipal Agriculturist Guarin Segundo, on the other hand, commended the LIGs for continuing their businesses and even passed the LAF assessment through the continuous assistance of the Project, concerned LGU, and Community Financing Institution. He recalled that there came a time during the conduct of trainings when the LIGs in barangay Napsong were about to give up because they faced difficulty in book keeping.
The groups are also encouraged to keep good track of their books as it serves them in managing their organizations well. The books reflect whether the organization is losing or having profit. MA Segundo added that book records are among the basis of their office in recommending farmers’ organizations for financial assistance. Provincial Coordination Officer Gabriel Pacio also underscored that URNOS is the main ingredient for sustainability. URNOS stands for Unity, Reconciliation, Nurture, Obedience and Self-reliance.
The barangay recognizes these interventions as rare opportunities that should be grabbed noting that the LGU have limited budget to cater to all the needs of the community. They hope for more interventions and projects like this while the livelihood groups committed to maintain their businesses and be more active in participating in future trainings or seminars for the development and strengthening of their organization as a whole.
The municipality of Kibungan is generally mountainous dividing sitios with cliffs and ravines regarding it as the ‘Switzerland of Benguet’. Coming form Baguio City, it takes you more than three hours to reach barangay Napsong where rice and chayote are among their main crops. //JBAgrifino
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