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CHARMP2 held BPMET Forum

Recognizing the significant role of Barangay Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Team (BPMET) in project implementation, the Second Cordillera highland Agricultural Resource Management Project (CHARMP2) conducted a BPMET forum last August 16 at ATI-CAR, La Trinidad, Benguet.

The forum serves as venue for the participants to share their unique experiences, lessons learned and eventually to discuss directions on participatory monitoring and evaluation that are effective in ensuring quality projects particularly in rural infrastructures. Although BPMET stories were already shared in previous occasions of the Project, more stories need to be accounted as additional resources for possible adoption in similar projects for implementation in the region.

“Adu ti naitulong ti BPMET karkaro kanyak ta maymaysak ket haan ko kaya ti agmonitor a kankanayon (BPMET is very helpful especially that I am alone and I cannot monitoring regularly),” shared Buguias Municipal Engineer Edwin Willy.

Under CHARMP2, community participation is depended on to take projects to higher levels. Hence, monitoring and evaluation is localized to the barangay level involving the beneficiaries along the process to ensure smooth and quality project output. This paved way for the creation of BPMET composed of project beneficiaries and barangay local government officials. It is a team of volunteers who are willing and able to donate their time and energy for monitoring and evaluation of development projects in their respective communities.

“Involving beneficiaries in project monitoring and evaluation enables them to appreciate benefits of the project. More appreciation means more chances of project sustainability,” underscored Project Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator Charles Picpican.
Being a BPMET member, Carina Guillan narrated that monitoring is never an easy yet promising task. “Narigat ti agmonitor ngem nu nagbulontaryo ka ket ammom nga mayat ti ar-aramidem, mayat ti rikna (Monitoring is difficult but if you volunteered and you know that what you’re doing is right, it feels good),” she said.

Ms. Guillan explained that with the active participation of BPMETs, rural infrastructures in their barangay were properly implemented in accordance to approved Program of Works. Others shared that as BPMETs, they even have to debate with the workers or contractors just to ensure that the projects are being properly implemented.

As of present, there are already initial plans by the local government units particularly in Benguet to institutionalize the BPMETs who will function as monitoring body not only in the CHARMP2-covered barangays but in the entire municipality.

“Maituloy kuma ti BPMET ta nu mabantayan nga usto ti project ket mayat ti taray na (Hopefully, BPMET will continue because once projects are properly monitored, good implementation is ensured),” said Andiso Patterson, Brgy. Kawagad of Kapangan.
Said forum’s participants include local government unit and BPMET representatives from the CHARMP2-covered provinces of Abra, Apayao and Benguet.//Janice B. Agrifino

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