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CHARMP2 holds exit conferences in Benguet: commitments for sustainability solicited





HARM2 Project continues to hold exit conferences in its covered municipalities in Benguet to hand over completed subprojects to the community and local government units for them to sustain.

Partial phase out ceremonies were already conducted in the municipalities of Buguias, Atok and Kibungan on February 16, 17 and 18, 2016 respectively. The same shall be conducted for the remaining municipalities within the first quarter of the year.

Phase out activities for Buguias, Atok and Kibungan were attended by representatives of various peoples organizations (POs), livelihood interest groups (LIGs) assisted by the Project, community funding institutions (CFIs), local government units, and project representatives.

According to Project Manager Cameron P. Odsey, the CHARM2 Project is not totally phasing out since there are still some ongoing activities and projects after the one year extension of the Project was approved for this year. “However, the one year extension does not include additional fund but rather it shall only serve as a time to complete physical targets,” he said.

Accordingly, the ceremony serves to solicit the commitments of the communities and their LGUs to start sustaining the CHARM2 Project legacies to include infrastructure, livelihood, reforestation and agroforestry projects and activities, the peoples organizations, partnerships, processes, good practices and lessons gained in project implementation.

Leonor B. Osting of the Aguday Vegetable Farmer’s Association Inc., one of the project assisted POs in Amgaleyguey, Buguias said they will continually manage and sustain their livelihood business which is rice retailing, among others, as their commitment for this partnership. Like them, all other people organizations and livelihood interest groups (LIGs) in the said municipalities gave their statement of commitments during the activity. Collectively, they willingly committed to continue, maintaining and sustaining the CHARM2 Project legacies in their communities for the greater benefit of their members.

“Nu sinuy inyat da idi, say iyat mi idwani ay man maintenar sin danan projects ay naidawat en dakami (As what our elders had done before, we will also maintain the projects given to us as a community),” said Johny Kilino, vice president of the Badeo Arabica Coffee Growers Association in Kibungan. He shared that observing indigenous practices greatly contributes in sustaining these projects.

The local government units at the barangay, municipal and provincial levels also gave their commitments. They will be continue to provide technical assistance to the various PO’s and LIGs. The LGUs will also link these POs/LIGs to funding sources whenever it’s needed. They will also support these groups in preparing project proposals. “We are willing to help as long as you will also help us,” said Fidela Luis of the Benguet Provincial Planning and Development Office.

During the activity, the CHARM2 Project also turned over operating and maintenance tools to the peoples’ organizations managing domestic water supply (DWS), community irrigation systems (CIS), and farm to market access projects.// Crislyn Fianza Balangen


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