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Newly Inaugurated DWS Benefits More Communities In Sablan


DWS Sablan

“No agitinulong tayo mas naragsak pay. Trabaho mi, trabaho yo, no agitinulong tayo. Mas mayat pay, Aywanan tayo, mintinaren tayo. No kasjay kankanayon, adda Danum tayo.”

(If we help each other we are happier. Both in our task and your task, if when we help each other, it is good. Let us protect, let us maintain. If we do that, we will always have water.)

- excerpt from GAFA intermission number


efore the construction of the Domestic Water Supply, residents from Dajuran, Duban and Tufil, Sablan, Benguet had to walk long distances in order to access water that they use for their household. According to Mrs. Ayuna Dagyapen; a beneficiary and member of the GAFA association, “Kailangan pa naming maglakad ng mga one kilometer noon para pumunta sa Agpay Creek, dun kami kumukuha ng tubig.” (We had to walk about one kilometer so that we can fetch water from the Agpay Creek.) She said that they can only use limited amounts of water and conserve the water that was bought home.

The situation changed when the DWS was completed last June 3, 2015. The residents now have water in their households. Mrs. Erlinda Mayomis, another beneficiary shared; “Mas hindi na kami napapagod at mas madami na kaming nagagawang trabaho dahil hindi na naming kailangang mag igib ng malayo.” (We feel less exhaustion and we can do more now that we don’t need to walk long distances in order to get water).

Though that is the case, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. During the Inaguration, turn over and acceptance ceremony held on February 11, 2016 at the Jose Gonzales Elementary School; Engr. Mary Ann Fianza stated “Daytoy nga turn over ket symbolic. Nu agsign kayo dagitoy nga dokumento ket kayat na nga sawen, acceptaren yo ti responsibilidad” (This turn-over is symbolic. When you sign these documents it means that you accept the responsibility) she adds that though the Local Government Unit can help, the primary task still lies to the beneficiary community. In response to this Barangay Captain Paul M. Dio-al said, “ito’y Bagong, kanayon kuma nga ag kuyog, awan kuma iti mapukaw ijay. Haan laeng nga inaugurated, naiturn over acceptaren tapos huston. Ittoy kuma ti mangkarib iti tungal maysa kada tayu tatnu ag tuloy tuloy.” (Here in Bagong, we should always unite, no one should be excluded. Just because is inaugurated, turned over and accepted, it doesn’t mean that the work stops there, in fact, this should encourage us further to continue)

In the following weeks the community plans on conducting meetings in order to make a resolution regarding the installation of a permanent distribution pipe since at the present a temporary hose is being used.

The project costs a total of 1,791,666.67 pesos with CHARM sharing 70% of the cost scheme while 30% is shouldered by the LGUs. A total of 50 households have benefitted from this project.// Arianne Robea Nebrida, CHARMP2 IKM Officer

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