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AAIGA business plan and enterprise development plan in Abra fast tracked



n July 28, 2013 Provincial Coordinating Office (PCO) convened a meeting and write shop of AAIGA BP’s and EDP’s for all the members of the Provincial Management Group (PMG), Municipal Planning Development Officers (MPDO), and the Community Mobilization Officers (CMO) of the different municipalities covered by CHARMP2 to fastrack the preparation and formulation of Business Plan (BP) and Enterprise development Plan (EDP).

The PCO informed the group that the Province of Abra was already left behind in the submission of Business Plans (BPs) and Enterprise Development Plans (EDPs).

The PCO instructed all Community Mobilization Officers (CMO) to present their prepared and formulated BPs for proper review, critiquing and editing for its final draft. The CMOs were able to present 4 BP’s and 4 EDP’s on Swine Production and Marketing and Meat Processing

And as much that the whole day activity was not enough to present all the BP’s and EDP’s prepared and formulated by the CMO’s. It was advised by the PMG that the writeshop be continued at the PCO Casamata Hill that will be done every Tuesday and Wednesday every week. The weekly activity started in the succeeding months of August and September. Some CMOs were challenged to prepare and formulate BPs and EDPs due to hectic activities and adverse weather condition.

At this point and time, the CMO’ were able to present 26 and out of this, only 16 were finalized and submitted to PSO. The 16 BP’ were the following:  8 BPs on Swine Production and Marketing, 8 BPs on Native Swine Production and Meat Processing. On the other hand, the remaining 10 BPs were the following: 4 BPs on Ginger Production, 2 BPs on Achuete Production, 2 BPs on Achuete Consolidation & Marketing, 2 BPs on Heirloom Rice Production. // Jessie P. Dioayan & Arnel D. Valdez (LGU Abra)

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