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CHARMP2 implements FBS in Pacoc-Talampac, Abra



acoc –talampac is one of the pilot area of the CHARM2 Project Farmers Business School on swine production and marketing under AAIGA which is on-going.



Farmers Business school  session is conducted every Monday with in six month duration from September to February 2014  and a four hour per  session that has started last September 16, 2013. A total of 16 female and 4 female enrolled in the said FBS.


Agricultural technician Concepcion de Gusman, Farmer Leader Fidel Dalen, PAF Angel Padre and Roger Reyes serve as the facilitators in the conduct of the Farmers Business School in the locality. General Assembly Meeting at Pacoc-Talampac was also conducted to inform community people regarding the project and to facilitate the formation of interested farmers LIGs to be the participant of the FBS.


Farmers Business School is a pro-poor farmers training for more profitable business and intended to for farmers market oriented, innovation that enhances   trust coordination and collaboration between farmers and other chain actors, empowering men and women, farmers thus contributing to a sustainable livelihood and value chain of the identified commodities. Organic feeds making, financial literacy, business management, and swine management are the identified special topics or training that will likely be given to LIGs.//Roger Reyes


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