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FFS for learning and relaxation



he Participants of Farmers Field School which is being done every Friday said they are learning while relaxing at the same time during their sessions. Participants were able to enjoy planting of cacao seedlings last September 6, 2013 at Banao, Bauko Mountain Province.


The activity was the preparation of the learning site and planting of seedlings. It started with the removing of weeds, plowing of the soil with enough distance based on the required measurement, and collection of sticks to be used after. Actual demo of planting the seedling were showed by the OMAG staff Lilia Dalasen. All the participants were given seedlings to plant, assisted by the CMO Amelia Daligis and the OMAG staff Lilia Dalasen and Marina Sapdoy to ensure the planting is done well.


The planting of cacao trees was integrated in the Farmer’s Field School since cacao seedlings were available at the OMAG and participants are willing to plant the seedlings for future use. The 26 participants of Area Management Group participated in the activity.


“Attending this activity is a way of learning and a time to relax from our daily routine. Going to the field every day leads to less time to talk with neighbors or friends. Furthermore, nothing new is being learned with the same routine, thus it’s good to have another activity at times. Just like now we have learned that planting seedling is not that simple; there are rules to be considered so that it will surely grow,” says the PO President Elena Guinabang.


The participants cleaned and planted the area while sharing stories, jokes or simply chatting. At the end of the day a hundred of cacao trees were planted. The same time the learning site was ready for their next activity the following week.//Amelia Daligis

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