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Madongo, Sagada MP to implement agro-forestry



eneficiaries of agro-forestry in Madongo Sagada are excited for the end of their Farmers Field School (FFS)-a prerequisite before implementing agro-forestry sub project.



The 30 enrolees, 25 females and 5 males, are expected to implement agro forestry after graduating the FFS and undergo Comprehensive Site Development training (CSD) to be scheduled during the graduation.


The FFS is expected to finish on November 7, 2013 to complete 22 sessions required. Pechay and Baguio beans as cash crops and coffee as fruit bearing trees were tackled in the FFS. The group already gathered six bundles of pechay organically grown and wait for the beans to mature.  There are 105 coffee seedlings being observed and maintained by the group planted on the demonstration site.


Pechay seeds planted were provided by OMAg Sagada while the one kilogram boric beans and coffee seedlings were provided by the CHARM2 project.


The group still await for the individual lot survey scheduled for this month.

// Edna Banga-an, CMO

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