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Sal-lapadan faces issues on techno-demo on cassava



accaang, Sallapadan -- Dr. Leonora K. Verzola, Coordinator for the Agriculture, Agribusiness, and Income-Generating Activities (AAIGA) Component of the CHARMP2, conducted a monitoring on the established techno-demo farm for cassava here last September 24, 2013.


Although the members of the Saccaang Women's Organization were able to plant 850 cassava cuttings, with processed chicken manure as fertilizers; Dr. Verzola found out that none of the cuttings would survive.


"Our efforts are in vain," said Ms. Alicia Francisco, the President of the Saccaang Women's Organization.


"It is by failures that each of us learn," Dr. Verzola emphasized during the meeting conducted after the monitoring.


Dr. Verzola ensured the group that she will send another batch of cassava cuttings to replace the first ones. She also encouraged the association to never give up on their project.//FERDINAND G. SOLOMON,CMO-Bao-yan & Saccaang

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