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A salute to the partners in Tinoc



he municipal technical working group (MTWG) in Ifugao was able to come up with nine rural infrastructure development (RID) sub-projects. For the past two years, the total amount obligated for these sub-projects is PhP29,421,602.00.


Considering that Tinoc is a 4th class municipality, they did not hinder the LGU to provide a counterpart for the projects. LGU showed their commitment to work for the development of Tinoc by scouting possible funding to come up with the needed counterpart for these projects.

Though only four barangays were covered by the CHARM Project in the municipality, the municipal development council members gave their approval by setting 20% of the local development fund to support mobilization of CHARM activities. The budget covered the salary for hired engineering staff, TEVs, representation expenses and honorarium of the MTWG members.


The LGU support for RID projects was shown in the cost sharing of 50-50 for the six (6) sub-projects namely Dengaw-Suyong, Ahin FMR Improvement, Manhuyohoy-Gaday, Tukucan FMR Improvement, Dengaw warehouse, Cocoy warehouse, Barangay Luhong warehouse and Barangay Donggo warehouse. For the 60-40 cost sharing , the projects were the Tulludan-Ahin FMR Improvement, and Manhuyohoy-Tukucan FMR. The 70-30 cost sharing is set for the Gumhang-Luhong FMR rehabilitation.// Rossana D. Malana, CMO-Tinoc


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