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he PFAD Organizations of Balbalan, Kalinga  was organized since 2003 by the community with the help of the elders. The said organization was not yet registered/legalized since CHARM2 Project came in 2009.  When the CMOs were hired, the organization was assisted to be registered under DOLE. The said organization was formed with different vision, mission and objectives or purposes. It was a requirement, to push an advocacy or to help the community in different aspects.

During the profiling and organizational diagnosis of the Cordillera Highland Agricultural Resource Management Project (CHARMP) I learned why and how they were organized.

In the barangay, it aims to involve participatory of every household being the basic unit of the society. Their role is to initiate and facilitate the project on Refo-agro, AAIGA and Infrastructure projects implemented for the welfare of people and improve the quality of life in the community.

POs used to face a lot of problems too due to limited knowledge and experiences, and lack of trainings but with so many trainings conducted by CHARMP2, the PO officers and members were slowly taught to better man their organization. It helps them a lot since through it, they get to know the processes of every project by component and for the officers to do proper recording and some other paper works. Officers must have to implement the constitution and by-laws which is the life of all Pos to sustain and to be managed with their own.

Despite the difficulties/sacrifices of the Pos they’re be able to have and achieved some of their goals. I was glad to know that many are in service in order to generate a good name and legacy they can leave to the funding/implementing agencies, to the community and to the next generation yet to come. Each and every one should be responsible enough to be a good member of any organization or any community. Successful organizing is based on the recognition that people get organized because they, too have a vision. //Gabrielina O. Dao-gas

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