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Calanasan implements refo project



he Tanglagan Integrated Cultural Community Association of Barangay Tanglagan, Calanasan, Apayao is now implementing the reforestation Project under the Community Waterched Conservation Forest Management and Agroforestry Component. The POs were able to start the planting activity timely in this rainy season. They started planting last July 2013 at the Tabuan Site near the FFS Demo farm at Tanglagan.


Tanglagan Integrated Cultural Community Association where it was organized by the CHARMP Component 1 and Community Mobilization Officers (CMO) under NGO, the organization was assessed to undertake the management of the project to be implemented. This organization was the identified IPs in the barangay. One of the projects is reforestation which aims to protect and conserve the rehabilitation of watershed areas in the barangay. The Project aims also to give additional income to the beneficiaries out of their labor in working in the project.


Upon accomplishing the Nursery establishment they had produced 103, 000 seedlings out of 140, 000 to be propagated, 18, 1714 narra and 84, 583 mahogany seedlings while it was noted that there is 37,000 seedlings back log. The PO was able to start the planting activity through the initiative of the PO Chairman Jonash A. Laylay. The 70 hectares reforestation area was able to complete 20 hectares. Despite of the soil type which is stony and mountainous peek of sites they will post through the planting activity until the end of November 2013. However they only received 50% as first released for nursery establishment, they almost pend the fund purchasing of seedlings because of problem on seedlings casualty, and most of the seedlings in the nursery were over grown and they need to plant as soon as possible.


The planting activity is continuously with the presence of the PO officers and members. While waiting for the second release. POs and Refo Com made an agreement that was initiated during the Reforestation and Agroforestry meeting/Updates to finish the activity until the end of November 2013. According to the CMO Junior Tubban the POs are not just focus in Reforestation Projects because there are also some projects in the barangay like National Greening Project Reforestation (NGP) under the DENR where they are on-going in implementation and the farmers are also busy in their farm activities due to harvest season.


One PO member said that ”Kayat mi met kuma ti agmulata dakkel nga tulong deta kenyami nga bumarangay ngem kasla maupay kami ta adda da agkuna nga awan kanu metla pondo na ti refo, isu nga haan dakami mapilit”. Delayed fund is one of the reason why POs are disappointed because they thought that the fund is no longer available. Clamors and emotions of people about CHARMP2 projects arose. CMOs as the face of CHARMP2 in the barangay explained everything and they don’t even get tired for their commitment as mobilization officer to ensure that the projects are progressively implemented and help the community to realize that this project is not just a financial assistance but for the future generation.// Junior Tubban

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