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Compliments behind accomplishments



he success of the project lies in the hand of the implementers”. This was the phrase I remember while walking home alone from my one of my designated area in Ampalioc at 3:30 in the afternoon of Friday. As I traverse the forested mountain of Ampalioc, I was thinking how many hours and how many minutes I had to consume before reaching my home. Then I looked again to my watch in my cellphone.  Singing while walking alone in the forested mountain is what makes me feel comfortable. As if the big trees also sings with me. I heard breeze of winds produces by the trees. And it calms my feeling.


 The reforestation project of CHARMP2 crossed into my mind. How lovely when all the seedlings planted in the reforestation site will grow strong like those trees, I said. Suddenly, walking in the mountain many times to visit and validate the accomplishment of Refo PO with our designated Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Officer (MENRO) in the name of Mr. Mito Baculi crossed my mind. The MENRO wanted to ensure that the reforestation project will succeed. He himself visits the nursery site and counted the seedlings. But those moments with him in the mountain is somehow never happened again since September last year when he confined for a heart failure. Though he had heart failure his heart never failed to do his role and responsibility for the success of the project. He still attended meetings with Refo POs and motivated them to do also their responsibility. 


Oh! I was already in the middle without feeling tired. This feeling wasn’t strange to me anymore. It has been a usual feeling during conduct of surveys of reforestation and individual agro plots in barangay Sabnangan and Ampalioc. I cannot feel the tiredness when joining the survey team even how high the mountains we climb and how long or wide the area of the beneficiary area was. Thanks to Assessor’s office headed by Mr. David Lumaang, Municipal Assessor who always open his hand to lend his staff, Mr. Leonard Benido. He is the assessor’s staff who had a long patience in joining the Refo Com in the fast track of the survey of reforestation site and individual agro plots. Imagine we had surveyed 34 hectares Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR) and 33 hectares reforestation for the expansion of reforestation project in Sabnangan in this year. 14 hectares surveyed in Ampalioc for individual agro plots and 13 hectares in Sabnangan.


I was already traversing the farming area without even noticing it. I met one farmer who is familiar to me, Lambino Banisal. He is one of our oldest students in the Agroforestry-Farmer Field School. He is collecting the manure of his carabao.  I asked him why he was doing it and he answered me back,” this you’ve taught us to do with Sir Boni”. I was touched that they are applying what they had learned during the six months FFS. The farmer is collecting the manure of the animal for him to make it as organic fertilizer. I remember Bonifacio Valera, the Agro-FFS facilitator who is patiently facilitating the 6 months FFS. He must know this, I said silently.


As I go on my way, I saw a woman digging out something. I asked her what she was digging out. “Ube ma’am,” she answered. As I watching her, I observed that the way she harvest the crop is improper. The Ube tuber had lots of wounds and some are chopped. This woman needs training or orientation, I said. This is also the advocacy of the office of the Municipal Agriculture to train the Ube growers/producers for a higher yield of the crops. Although the community felt hopeless for the component 3 of CHARM, Mr. Reynaldo Manuel, Municipal Agricultural Officer (MAO) is patiently battling for this. Together with Engr. Maylanie D. Lacasandile, Agricultural Technologist is rendering most of her time preparing project proposals and Enterprise Plan to win for this battle. She had submitted one Enterprise Plan for Ube and four project proposals such as Ube Production training and provision of planting materials, Techno Demo for Ube, Vermiculture and vermicomposting training, and Ube Processing training. Speaking of proposals I remember to call Mr. Angel Padre to follow-up submitted proposals of our AT. Unfortunately I didn’t hear positive information.


I look the time on my cellphone, its 4:45 in the afternoon. I sat down to rest for a while. I remember the endless support of our Municipal Planning and Development Officer, Dino Catulia. He worked tirelessly. He is not only seen in the four corners of his office but he also goes to the community to interact and mingle with the people. He could be seen during conduct of trainings and meetings in the barangay. It is not only through Municipal Management Group (MMG) meeting that he makes actions to the issues and concerns but he reaches out to the community to provide solutions or remedy to the problem. He would even drive us in going to conduct meetings in the barangay. He is cautious in driving. Of course, he knows where the right way is. He avoided big stones. He always wanted us to be comfortable in our trip and made sure that we arrived safely. Just what the way he drove his owner-type car, that’s what he wanted in the implementation of the project. He directs us for the proper treatment of people and of the project. As much as possible he never wanted problems to arise. Well, “prevention is better than cure,” that what our MPDC is would always say. “Problems and issues can only hinder the success of the project” MPDC said during one of the MMG meeting conducted which is true.

By those thinking, I was inspired to stood up and continue my walk. This time I do not feel I am alone in my journey. I felt like I have companions walking on my side whispering “go on continue your walk, you’re not alone we are just here beside you to support and guide you until you reach your goal”.


I reached our home at 5:15 in the afternoon. Indeed, it was a long walk, but it was very fulfilling. Before I open our gate, I saw Bonifacio Valera. I happily told him that what he taught during the FFS was actually applied by our FFS participants. While I continue opening our gate, “thanks LGU partners” I whispered to myself then smiled. // Mazshaerra T. Agosto, CMO-Luba    


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