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Delayed seedling planting in Abra resolved



arangay Sabnangan is one of the backlogs in the Province of Abra for not meeting the target of out-planting the seedlings in the 2nd quarter of the year.”

This is stated by George Magwelang, Assisting Professional for Component 2 in the Province of Abra. The challenge was relayed in the Officers meeting held in Barangay Sabnangan on September 8, 2013.

Mr. Arthur Pati, Lapat di Sabnangan as Kabakiran (LASAK) President explained the delay of not out-planting the remaining 54,000 seedlings. He said that this was due to many circumstances. People for this season are busy in the preliminary activities of farming. Different projects also in the Barangay that offers higher labor was one of the factors. Construction of bridge rate of labor was 200.00 to 250.00 per day while the same reforestation project under DENR rates 180.00 to 200.00 per day. The reforestation project of CHARM only rates 160.00 per day. “These factors influence the attitude of the members and people to go to a project that offers higher rate of labor”, he said.

Ms. Rosielyn Pioig, LASAK Treasurer said that they will only schedule their planting activity every Friday until the seedlings will be out-planted. The Board of Directors suggested then that they will schedule the planting starting Tuesday to Thursday until all seedlings in the nursery will be out-planted also on which everybody agreed.

Last September 16, Mr. Pati informed that they had already completed the out-planting of the remaining 54,000 seedlings in the nursery. // Mazshaerra T. Agosto, CMO-Luba