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Reforestation expansion at Sadanga, validated



illiam Farong-ey, CMO of Sadanga, visited the office of the Municipal Assessor and presented his concern regarding Reforestation expansion in the municipality of Sadanga. He asked assistance from the office if they could do the survey of the area for the Reforestation expansion. The municipal assessor Romeo Winnie granted and surveying was done during Saturdays and Sundays of September 2013.


Engineer Bernabe Padawil from the engineering Office Assisted by Michael Tokoyen, a casual from the same office did the survey of Belwang and Betwagan in Sadanga. Last September 20, 2013, George Astudillo from the CHARMP component 2 together with Oscar Panilas from the province validated the result of the survey in Sadanga.   


Reforestation expansion is the additional area to be planted that has a separate fund from the first reforestation project. The PO who will handle this Reforestation expansion will have to do the work starting from the establishment of the nursery, weeding and planting.// Gloria Abragon

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