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Seedling production in Malibcong Abra validated

By: Angelita L. Biscarra



he seedling production of 100,20 was validated last July 29, 2013. The different seedlings (indigenous) like narra, apnic, alimit, tabbeg, sobrang, tikum, ipil-ipil, acasia, Pa-o, tapor and other un-identified seedlings were already validated and inspected in their two nursery sites located in Dagsian and inside the community of Brgy. Duldulao, Malibcong, Abra.


The validation of the seedling production was conducted by the composite team of the CHARMP-REFO COMM. Mr. George Maguelang, and Provincial Refo. Comm. Mr. Amor Gumanab and Mr. Rolando Barcena and representative from the Barangay Monitoring and Evaluation Team, 1 Brgy. Kagawad, CMO and Mr. Paul Balansi, DMFA President.


Before the validation team comes in the area, the CMO mobilized the PO Duldulao Multipurpose Farmers cooperative (DMFA), the Brgy. Officials and community to prepare about the food, snacks and house where they stay. The Banagan Service Cooperative (BASECO) Refo PO in Gacab  were also informed to prepare.


In the morning of July 29, 2013, monitoring team arrived in Barangay Duldulao. While taking their rest, they studied the work and Financial Plan of the DMFA Reforestation Project. The situation of the potted seedlings was discussed. It was reported that there are many mortalities because of scarcity of water near the nursery site as reported by the assigned nursery caretake. The assigned care taker were not able to replaced all the mortalities due to their personal family concerns.


During the actual validation and inspection, it was found out that some seedlings were already over grown. The seedlings were counted per nursery seed beds.  They counted it by 20s per strip line.  In nursery 1, they counted 42,000 different species (Narra, apnic, sobrang, Tebbeg, valite, Tikum, ipil-ipil, and other un-identified seedlings potted. While in nursery 2 located in Dagsian, they counted only 25, 110 survival seedlings.  The target 100,020 was completely potted with seedlings but there are those not survive due to sometime negligence of the Nursery caretakers, and scarcity of water near the nursery site.  So, there are still 33,000 seedlings to be reproduced to complete the target to be planted in their 60 hectare reforestation project site.


The nursery seedling production activity was not successfully completed, so it was highly recommended by the composite validation team to continue complete and raise the additional 33,000 seedlings as early as possible for they are already late in plantation establishment based from their work and financial plans. //


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