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The road to ODM



ith the result of Oganizational Diagnostic Tool conducted by the CMO’s in every area last November 2012, it was found out that capability building is needed for PO’s. So organizational management training was designed to be conducted in all areas as barangay Based and Barangay Bagtayan was the first to undergo in the Training.


Resource Persons Tapped is not available due to unexpected schedule. The CMO Supervisor Alexander Dulliyao, Municipal action Officer Victor Aglipay, CDO Kaliga Pablo Bayubay serve as the resource speakers of the training instead.Also CMO of Tanglag and Mabongtot came to attend the training.


With the desire of the supervisor and the CMO of Tanglag Lubuagan to push through the training at Bagtayan schedule Sept.2-3, 2013, they didn’t mind the strong rain brought about by a tyhoon. Alex Dulliyao and Jacob Agpawan travelled from Tabuk through a motorcycle under the heavy pour of rain.


Upon reaching the road end, they continued to hike. They carry with them the LCD Projector, CD songs by beetles to be used as ice breaker during the training. The rain continued to pour heavily and when they reach the Barangay, they were already soaked.


While we share a cup of steaming coffee in the balcony of the barangay hall, we were stunned by a loud sound. All of the sudden, the very strong lightning shot and we heard sound that all of us is wandering where it came from. The electrician informed us that the transformer of the electricity was shotout that caused brownout that night. At that case, we settled down and planned the activity on the next day, the supervisor tasked everyone in their part on the training.


In the morning, all of us made remedies to manage the training despite the unpredictable circumstance. All visual aids were written in manila papers, metacards and bond papers. At 8:00am, the training is formally started with the attendance of 38 male and 42 Female.


For two days with a complete attendance, lessons were delivered properly to the farmers. We ended the training with stories reflecting their roles as a group. Lastly is the appreciation of their patient participation in the activity.// Jornalyn Aglipay

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