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The true spirit of partnership



 was formally hired as a CMO in Bucloc, Abra on July 2, 2013, where I covered two barangays: Labaan and Ducligan. When I started to work with the Labaan-Sacuboan-Daldalao (LASADA) Farmers’ Association in Barangay Labaan, I was updated on the on-going sub-projects of the DA-CHARMP2.


 I found out that because of their excitement, the LASADA Association started to establish the reforestation project even without any notice to proceed from the DA-CHARMP2. When they received their notice to proceed, their nursery establishment activities were already finished. The President of the LASADA Farmers’ Association Mr.  Pariñas  Lomioan, was a strong , powerful  disciplinarian who was noted of his good leadership in their community. He always encouraged his members to continue their nursery plantation although some special projects in the community  was  luring   the LASADA members to stop their nursery plantation and work with them instead; but the  members  did not listen to these special projects.  Instead, they listened to and obeyed the commands of their PO President.


As an evidence, the CMO and POs of LASADA and DIFA worked hand-in-hand in all the activities done in the project and inside the community. Everybody were participating. If visitors come, some helps in preparing snacks, some do the cooking, while some generously contributes some food and firewood, and some do the cleaning. The CMO and POs share burdens and sacrifices too. Everyone helps to solve the problems, may it be financial or material. 


The first main products of the community are Rice, organic vegetables   and honey .The POs were also supportive and they pay respect to their CMO  in many ways that continues to pride the CMO.  “I’m  doing my best too to give back all of these to them by showing them my care, love  and respect, because I do believe that  having  good relationship or partnership to the POs  is one way of good mobilization,” the CMO said.


The LASADA Association of Barangay Labaan was very cooperative and attentive. Despite of their financial crisis for almost a half year of not receiving their labour payment, they were still manage to execute their duties and their responsibilities in the job they covenanted with DA-CHARMP2 project.  Amidst encountered problems, the people’s organization of LASADA were still united to immerse themselves in every DA- CHARMP2 activities in the Barangay.


At last, happiness had defeated their cry of dismal when learned that their mobilization fund is ready for release.   Everyone was very happy to receive their share of labor fee. But the members displayed their generosity by donating the coins left on their salaries for their snacks. There are some members who also donated as much as a hundred peso.


LASADA members are encouraged to continue their planting activities. The progress of activities from the nursery establishment up to the planting stage is an evidence of the communities’ enthusiasm towards the sub-project. They were supposed to reforest 50 hectares but since there were than enough seedlings the community extended this to another 5 hectares. As a functional organization, It is actively participating in the community development activities.


Despite the fact that LASADA just received their payments, they have been working hard and they continued their nursery activities without any money at hand.  They too are very generous in sharing their small earnings. Their display of generosity   is a true measure of their commitment towards development and not money.


Presently, Barangay Labaan and Ducligan was among the lucky areas covered for giving them another 50 hectares reforestation nursery expansion of the DA-CHARMP2 project.// Marieta  H. Ruperto                         

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