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A thank you note to CHARMP2 Project 

June 23, 2015 at 11:28am



alamat la unay iti CHARM2 Project nga nangited ti mamayat nga proyekto ta adu iti natulungan na nga umili (Thanks a lot to the CHARM2 Project for giving us good projects that helped the community in so many ways),” said Mrs. Lucila P. Lab-oyan, a barangay kagawad of Lubo in Kibungan, Benguet as she modestly shares the benefits they received from CHARM2 Project.


In a three-page intermediate pad paper, Lucila carefully noted in detail the benefits  they received from the CHARM2 Project in detail making sure she won’t forget to share it during the press conference. The press conference was organized by the DA-CHARM2 Project last June 11.


During the press conference, Lucila could not even finish reading her notes due to limited air time allotted for the press conference, but with the grateful look in her eyes, she concluded her message with a simple yet meaningful word “salamat.”


Lucila, however, continued to share her story with the media after the conference. She had high praises for the completion of a farm-to-market road. “ Sin nasementoan din kalsada from Amselwing-Am-anod- Masaybo farm-to-market road, yan ad-adu di nan sigedan na sin umili ed barangay Lubo (The improvement of the Amselwing-Am-anod-Masaybo farm-to-market road has greatly benefited Brgy. Lobo),” she said.


The improved and cemented all-weather road also cut travel time to the village from Poblacion to Lubo by 30 minutes and there is no need to take circuitous alternative routes during inclement weather anymore, she added.


She particularly liked the impact of this development to women like herself. “For us who don’t have vehicles, we have to pack a set of clothes. We would often use boots and change our clothes when we arrived to our destination mostly when we go to the municipal hall,” she relates in Kan-kanaey. “Today, we no longer have to bath in sweat, more  passenger and service vehicles are also now coming to our village,” she happily shared. The newly paved road too, has saved many farm produce from damage during travel, according to Lucila.


Two farm-to-market road projects were implemented in Barangay Lubo namely the Improvement of Amselwing-Am-anod FMR and the Improvement of Amselwing-Am-anod-Masaybo FMR. Both roads were completed and turned-over to the beneficiaries. These roads benefit more or less 500 households from the barangays of Lubo and Sagpat.


Aside from farm-to-market road projects, a footpath project and village warehouse were also implemented in the said village. The improvement of the 1.3 km Bobocco-Lubo Proper Farm-to-market footpath is a big relief to the residents, according to Ms. Lucila. “Peteg di layad di umili tan nasementoan din danan (The residents are very happy that the footpath was already concreted),” she said. After enduring years of muddy and slippery trails, residents now use the footpath without worrying of accidents and getting muddied. The footpath project also includes placing of hand rails for the safety of the elderly and children.


The construction of the single-storey multi-purpose warehouse building, on the other hand, is now on-going. Ms. Lucila said it will be of great use to the community. “It can be used as storage of farm inputs, venue for community programs and activities, evacuation center, voting center and a lodging house for visitors,” she said.


“Isunga in behalf of barangay Lubo, salamat sin panaka implementar da nan tulo ay projects ay FMR, footpath ya multipurpose building tan ad-adu di nasolbar na ay problema sin barangay (In behalf of Brgy. Lubo, we express our thanks for the implementation of the FMR, footpath and multipurpose projects that helped solve problems in our barangay),” she concludes while thanking the CHARM2 Project and the provincial and municipal local government units who worked hard to make the projects possible. But she was also hoping that more development projects would reach their village to respond to other problems. 


Lucila is also a member of the Lubo Arabica Coffee Growers Association (LACGA), a livelihood interest group supported by the Project under its livelihood component. According to her, a livelihood assistance fund of PhP50, 000 was already downloaded to their organization. “We already received a loan of PhP5, 000 each member, where most of us had it invested in swine raising. The amount, she said, is a great help for us to start our own livelihood.


Lucila is also an active member of the Agro-people’s organization in their barangay where she was a graduate of the Agro-farmer’s field school. As member, they are tasked to plant around 564 coffee seedlings each. “Our organization is composed of 57 members, most of which are females,” she said. She said that she has learned a lot from the CHARM2 Project.


Barangay Lubo is just one of the 170 barangay coverage of CHARM2 Project and Lucila is just one of the many beneficiaries of the CHARM2 Project. Much has been done, much is being done and much is yet to be done under the CHARM2 project.// Crislyn F. Balangen

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