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Talubin and Bayyo LAF

2 LIGs from Bontoc, Mt. Province receive their LAF



wo Livelihood Interest Groups (LIGs) from Bontoc, Mt. Province received their Livelihood Assistance Fund (LAF) during a LAF turn-over and acceptance ceremony held in Talubin Barangay Hall on July 20, 2017.



The Tufeng Riverside Greeners Organization Inc. of Talubin and Bayyo Kakapuyan Farmers Association of Bayyo is on peanut processing and marketing. Harvest of peanut is once a year, usually during the summer season. Since the demand for peanut and peanut by-products (peanut butter and peanut brittle) is high and production is low, members of the group purchase peanut in the neighboring towns. Accordingly, the LAF assistance received by the interests groups will be used to purchase raw peanuts and other materials needed by the members in running the business.


Both groups are a women’s club. The group from Talubin has 15 members whereas; the group from Bayyo has nine.


The ceremony was spearheaded by Bontoc vice Mayor Eusebio Kabluyen, Dr. Cameron Odsey, CHARMP2 Project Manager, Ms. Beverly Pekas, PCO Bontoc, Ms. Norbertina Balag-ey, treasurer of the Sallog Sin-ag-I Multi-purpose Cooperative, and Ms. Catherine Agcon, Senior Agriculturist.// Mary Joy Maguide

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