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Besao and Sagada LAF

5 LIGs of Mt. Province received their LAF


 Php 500, 000.00 worth of assistance was turned-over to four livelihood interest groups (LIGs) from Besao and one from Sagada, Mt. Province during the livelihood assistance fund (LAF) turn-over and acceptance ceremony held at the Besao Multi-Purpose Cooperative Hall in Mt. Province on July 11, 2017. Each LIG received a Php 100, 000.00 worth of assistance.


Of the 242 LIGs of Mt. province, 196 LIGs were already granted their LAFs. Turn-over ceremonies for the rest of the LIGs are already scheduled for the month of July and August.


The Municipal Agriculture and Fishery Council (MAFC) of Besao and the Payeo Muscovado Producers Organization are on sugarcane production and muscovado processing and marketing. The Palakawan-Pangasban Farmers’ Association is on organic fertilizer production while the Besao Sunrise Coffee Growers Association., Inc. is on coffee, rice, swine and feed trading. On the other hand, the Dogo Madongo Association from Sagada, Mt. Province is on buy and sell of cattle. The MAFC and Dogo Madongo Association is an all mens’ club while the three LIGs are composed of both sexes.


According to Mr. Robert Tambiac, President of MAFC, market for muscovado was already established. However, the demand for muscovado is much higher as compared to production. He added that orders coming from Baguio City and nearby municipalities are usually higher which, according to Mr. Tambiac, the organization cannot accommodate. The assistance they received will be used to purchase more farm inputs for processing and purchase of sugarcane stalks for production. The unpackaged muscovado is sold to customers to other consolidators in the municipality (e.g UBAYA) at Php 90.00/kilo. The UBAYA food processors organization is the marketing center of the LGU. It is where all the agricultural products of the municipality are displayed.


Further, Mr. Wayne Dulag, President of Palakawan-Pangasban Farmer’s Association stated that the demand for organic fertilizer, just like the demand for muscovado, is pretty much higher as compared to production. He said that the source of organic materials that are being used to produce fertilizers is far from the barangay. The organization sell the fertilizers at Php 300.00/sack. One sack contains 25 kilos of organic fertilizer. For the Besao Sunrise Coffee Growers, Ms. Bernice Dulag said that because of the seasonality of coffee and rice, the organization included in their menu the fattening of swine.//Mary Joy Maguide

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