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Bontoc LAF

Agricultural Product and Pig Traders of Bontoc received Livelihood Assistance


ix Livelihood Interest Groups (LIGs) from Bontoc, Mt. Province received their Livelihood Assistance Fund (LAF) during a LAF turn-over and acceptance ceremony held in Guina-ang on the afternoon of July 20, 2017. Three of the livelihood groups are from Guina-ang, two from Dalican, and one from Maligcong. Each LIG received a total amount of Php 100, 000.00 worth of livelihood assistance.


Present in the ceremony are Hon. Franklin Odsey, Municipal Mayor, Dr. Cameron Odsey, CHARMP2 Project Manager, Ms. Beverly Pekas, PCO Bontoc, Ms. Norbertina Balag-ey, treasurer of the Sallog Sin-ag-I Multi-pupose Cooperative, Mr. Renato Falag-ey, Municipal Agriculturist, and Ms. Catherine Agcon, Senior Agriculturist.


In the morning of the 20th, a LAF transfer took place in Talubin for the turn-over of assistance to the LIGs from Talubin and Bayyo whereas; the turn-over ceremony for the six LIGs was held in the afternoon of the same day in Guina-ang. LIG members from Dalican and Maligcong moved to Guinaang where the turn-over took place.


The Waday Urnos, Waday Panag-asenso Organization, Inc., Khamoyo Organization, Inc. and Litangfan Men’s Association for Development, Inc. of Guina-ang, the Mabingwil Women’s Organization and the Association of Cow Raisers in the Upper West, Inc. of Dalican is into trading of piglets, feeds, pig production and meat processing while the Maligcong Young Farmers Organic Organization, Inc. of Maligcong is engaged in the trading of piglets, feeds, banana and other agricultural products.


The reason why almost all of the LIGs are engaged in the trade and production of pigs, according to Mr. James Cot-am, President of the Litangfan Men’s Association for Development and other members of the interest groups is that the demand for pigs in the locality is pretty high and supply is low.// Mary Joy Maguide

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