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CHARMP2 grants 1 million to 2 LIGs in Ifugao

LAF transfer Ifugao

Another two livelihood interest groups (LIGs) in Ifugao received PhP500,000 each of livelihood assistance fund (LAF) from the Second Cordillera Highland Agricultural Resource Management (CHARM2) Project last June 24, 2016.
The beneficiary LIGs are the Hojap Multi-Purpose Cooperative of Asipulo and the Rice Terraces Farmers Cooperative of Banaue. Both LIGs are serving wider coverage compared to smaller LIGs transferred with smaller amounts. As municipal and provincial LIGs, they also assist smaller LIGs within their coverage. In fact, the RTFC serves other provinces as well. The Hojap MPC is engaged with consolidation of rice (palay), coffee and galiang which are the main crops of Asipulo. They are also engaged with coffee processing. Meanwhile, the RTFC is engaged with buy and sell of heirloom rice, microlending and food processing.
The two LIG-cooperatives are loaned with the same amount of PhP500,000 in 2014. They specifically utilize the fund in accordance with their approved business plan for one year. Afterwards, them LIGs have to timely pay the loan. After one year, they are assessed to determine if they are qualified to be granted with the same amount.
The LAF assessment results showed both LIGs excelled during their first year of operation. Therefore, they we qualified to be granted with the fund. The fund will be utilized to improve their business plans. They will be regularly monitored by the local government units in all levels including the CHARM2 Project to ensure that they follow approved business plans as stated under a memorandum of agreement signed by the LIG, the LGU and the Project.
“Madi ti farmers ti utang, but, with the LAF, mabalin min nga gatangen ti harvest da in cash (Farmers don’t want to sell their harvest through credit arrangements, but with LAF, we can buy their produce in cash),” said Jimmy Linggayo, RTFC manager. He said that the LAF support saved them from totally falling when members start to withhold their share capital back then.
CHARM2 Project Manager Cameron P. Odsey challenged the LIGs to wisely utilize their fund until they grow in number and in income serving their purpose for the development of their community. He said that the LIGs have been capacitated through the years with various trainings and assistance provided by the Project, LGUs and other government agencies.
Ifugao Governor-elect Pedro Mayam-o pledged to widen and strengthen their support to cooperatives which he said is one good way to better reach the people. “Anything beneficial to the people, I will support,” he concluded.
Beneficiaries and the LGUs committed to sustain these endeavor hoping they can grow and serve more of their community folks.// Crislyn F. Balangen
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