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CHARMP2 transfers 1.8 million to 18 livelihood groups in Abra

LIG Abra 2016

The Second Cordillera Highland Agricultural Resource Management (CHARM2) Project transfers a total of 1.8 million livelihood assistance fund (LAF) to 18 livelihood interest groups (LIGs) from Tubo, Luba and Boliney, Abra on June 7-8, 2016.
The 18 LIGs are the first batch to receive back their livelihood fund in Abra after successfully passing the LAF assessment conducted earlier this year. Each LIG received PhP100,000 each purposely to continue and sustain their livelihood activities pursuant to their enhanced business plans. From Tubo, there are ten LIG beneficiaries as follows: (1) Supo Rural Improvement Club (RIC)-Ballatinao group, (2) Supo RIC-Backyard Swine Production and Marketing, (3) Supo Sugarcane Group, (4) Tiempo RIC-Sugarcane Production LIG1 , (5) Tiempo RIC-Sugarcane Production LIG2, (6)Tiempo RIC LIG3-Swine Production and Marketing, (7) Mayabo RIC-Swine Production and Marketing, (8) Poblacion Sugarcane Group, (9) Wayangan RIC- Banana Production and Marketing, and (10) Wayangan RIC-Swine Production and Marketing.
On the other hand, there are four LIG beneficiaries each from Luba and Boliney as follows: (1) United Mothers Circle of Barangay Luzong-LIG1, (2) Barit Womens Ube Growers Association-LIG1, (3) Raising Hope Mothers Association-LIG1, (4) Sabnangan Omli-Mothers Association LIG1-Dao-angan, (5)Achuete Growers Group-LIG1, (6) Achuete Growers Group LIG1-Poblacion, (7) Supang Consolidators Groups LIG1, and (8) Langaan Association LIG3.
All the said LIGs have managed their respective businesses for one year after they received their LAF in 2014 as a loan which they have to pay after a year. This time, they received their LAF as a grant. There are still 56 LIGs who are lined up for possible LAF transfer in Abra, if all will pass the assessment. “The granted LAF should be used to continue your businesses, this time, applying all that you have learned during the one year business cycle where you practiced managing a business coupled by all the trainings and technical support provided by the CHARM2 Project, LGUs and community financing institutions,” challenged Project Manager Cameron P. Odsey to the beneficiaries.
The beneficiaries appreciated the program that enabled them to become active partners of the government for development. Beneficiaries say that they have learned a lot from the various trainings, seminars and coaching that the LGU and CHARMP2 provided them over the years.
“Thank you for this fund that you have given to us. It provided us capital to start our livelihood which we used to buy rice from our community and even in our neighboring communities. We commit that we will continue to roll the fund and expand our business, hoping that in ten years, we will become a cooperative which will supply sufficient rice to our community,” said Samilyn Dongson, a beneficiary from Boliney.
To ensure sustainability of the livelihood groups and their activities, a memorandum of agreement is made among the LIGs, LGU and CHARMP2 indicating each of their roles and functions especially that the CHARM2 Project will end this year.// Crislyn Fianza Balangen
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