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CHARMP2 transfers 300K and 18.3 Million rural infra to Sadanga folks

LAF and Rural Infra to Sadanga

Sadanga, Mountain Province- Three livelihood interest groups here were finally granted with PhP100,000 livelihood assistance fund (LAF) each and three communal irrigation systems (CIs) with a total worth of more than 18.3 million from the Second Cordillera Highland Agricultural Resource Management (CHARM2) Project was turned over on June 25, 2016.
This is during the 53rd foundation day celebration of the municipality.
Out of 27 LIGs, the three LIG beneficiaries are the first batch in Sadanga to be granted with LAF. These LIGs are the Sun-ay Women’s Group (Swine Raising), Fissay Women’s Association (Chicken Raising), and Karwa Mason-ay Farmers Association 2 (Swine Raising).
The said groups have undergone an assessment required by the Project to determine if they are qualified for the LAF transfer after one year of business operation where they utilized the same amount loaned to them in 2014. Criteria during the assessment include the timely payment of the loaned LAF, amount of net income raised, and increase in membership, among others.
Project Manager Cameron P. Odsey said the first one year of business operation serves as a training ground for rural entrepreneurs to ensure that they will be capable enough to handle and sustain a business on their own. Other than the LAF support, LIGs were also provided with various trainings and coaching.
Granted amount should be utilized in accordance with their approved and improved business plans. Local government units in all levels are also tasked to continue on monitoring and providing technical assistance to the groups for sustainability as stated in a memorandum of agreement signed among the LGU, CHARMP2 and the LIG beneficiary.
The same sustainability measures are also enforced for the operation and maintenance of the turned over rural infrastructure projects as follows: rehabilitation of Nongo-Pataim CIS (P7, 230,003.72) in Barangay Betwagan; the rehabilitation of Kabyangan-Karumshayan CIS (P3, 854,716.47) in Brgy. Demang; and the rehabilitation of Liang-Dauran CIS (P7, 234,970.44) in Brgy. Demang. // Crislyn Fianza Balangen
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