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A step towards sustainability of projects:

The BAWASA Tramline Association Convention


BAWASA tram assoc convention

Participant beneficiaries from Abra and Benguet brainstorm in making their sustainability plans. Their finished outputs were presented to the Community  Development  Officers by the end of October.



Community sustainability requires a lot of determination. It is not simply obtained nor easily finished. It is a continuing and constant goal that demands a lot of hard work. Though that may be the case, it is also very rewarding. Such an act benefits whole societies and helps them improve their way of life independently.


The CHARMP, it aims to achieve sustainability for all of its beneficiaries by empowering them with needed knowledge and providing maintenance, support and trainings on monitoring even after the project ends.  In order to attain such a goal, the project conducted the Barangay Water and Sanitation Associations (BAWASAs) and Tramline Association Convention on October 7-8, 2015 at ATI-CAR, BSU Compound, La Trinidad, Benguet.


Participants from different areas of Benguet and Abra gained  insights on availing tax exemption certificates; pipe maintenance and repair; watershed management; people’s organization accreditation; PLGU programs and assistance; project proposal preparation for DWS Level  3 and water quality standards and monitoring. A forum was also conducted regarding the Water Code of the Philippines and its importance. 


RID assistant coordinator Engr. Sonny C. Salvacion challenged the participants to continue watching over the sub projects even after CHARMP2 ends: “The end of the project does not signify the end of your counterparts; it’s the beginning of your responsibility. Once adda ti turn over accepted by you sikay un ton ti mangaywan ken mang maintenar.” 


The participants in turn, fully accepted their responsibility of continuously taking care of  their communities. As said by a beneficiary representative from Bokod, Benguet: “Agkaykaysa tayo ta intayo taripatuwen ti tawid ti CHARM ta isu met ti ipatawid tayo ti aaannak tayo ta ammu tayo nga isu ti pagsaysayaatan ti ili tayo.” (let us unite to maintain and sustain the CHARMP2 legacies that we might have something to pass on to our children for we know that it is for the betterment of our community. )


The participants’ gained knowledge shall be used in making their sustainability plans which will be attached in their packaged Participatory Project Investment Plans (PPIPs).


The workshop and convention enabled the beneficiaries to evaluate where they were before the start of the project, where they would want to go, where they are now and what they still need to do in order to continuously cater to their community’s needs. It has also broadened their options for additional assistance in their sub project such a proposal making for other support agencies and accrediting their organizations for access of calamity funds in case of emergencies.

//Arianne Robea Nebrida

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