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water facilities for batan

More water facilities for Batan, Kabayan folks
More homes are now benefitting with the rehabilitated and newly constructed domestic water supply (DWS) systems in Barangay Batan in Kabayan, Benguet.
The two DWS projects were turned-over to the beneficiaries of Batan on March 29, 2016 where the community rejoices with new hope that development will continue to bloom in their remote village. The turned-over subprojects are the two phases of rehabilitation of the Agpay-Penged DWS.
Barangay Batan is one of the original barrios of Kabayan. It is home to around 1,330 people residing in 15 sitios including Penged and Agpay. With its rugged terrain, no public utility vehicles are traversing the village. Thus, villagers have to walk for about two hours from the main road to reach their village if there are no available private vehicles that they could hitch in. They may hire motorcycles, jeepney or van if they can afford the cost.
Although the source of water are available in the community, lack of facilities limits water supply to homes. “Idi ah ket, kanya-kanya kami agatang ti hose nga ikabit mi ijay source ti danum nga apan jay ayan mi (Before, we have to buy our own hoses/pipes to source water for our homes),” said Barangay Captain Mike Botangen. “Thanks to CHARMP2 for providing us these facilities which now benefits more homes,” he said.
Residents are very thankful that they can now better access potable water for their families. Water outlet is situated in the center of the village where most community institutions were located like the elementary school. Students said they are satisfied drinking water from the newly constructed project.
The phase 1 rehabilitation of Agpay-Penged DWS is the installation of GI pipes on the existing DWS situated in Barangay Penged. This is costing to around PhP250,000 which was completed in December 2013 and is now benefitting around 35 households. The second phase, on the other hand, covers installation of GI pipes and construction of four units of RC tank situated in Barangay Agpay which will benefit 20 more households. This costs to around one million which was completed last August 2015. Both projects are cost-shared by the CHARM2 Project (70%) and the municipal local government unit (30%).
The projects are being managed by the Agpay-Penged Spring Association (APSA). The organization was a new organization formed in May 2012 and was registered under DOLE in October 2012. They are composed of 49 members as of time but according to PO chairperson Marjune Manaoat, they are working for the addition of the six other household members to reach their target of 55 members.
“Daytoy nga project ket paglag-lagipan mi kendakayo nga tinmulong ken dakami ket sayaaten mi nga taripatuen dagitoy (This project will remind us of those who have helped us and we will surely take good care of it),” responded Manaoat as he warmly accepted the responsibility of maintaining and sustaining the DWS.
Aside from the DWS subprojects, Barangay Batan also received a one million worth of multi-purpose warehouse project constructed last 2014. They also are beneficiaries of reforestation, agroforestry and livelihood projects.
Project Manager Cameron P. Odsey challenged the community people to sustain their DWS by sustaining their environmental resources which are their main source of water. “Kitan tayo ti karit ti baro a panawen makagapu iti environment tayo ta ditoy Benguet ket dakkel a banag ti panagtaripato ti kabanbantayan ta isu iti makagapuan iti pagbiagan tayo (Let us look into the challenge of this new age especially on environment wherein taking good care of our environment means taking good care of our source of living),” he said.// Crislyn F. Balangen