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Handing over CHARMP2 legacy in Benguet


 sustaining development

CHARMP2 holds first exit conference in Benguet

Municipalities in Benguet province is now starting to hold exit conference of the CHARM2 Project to hand-over subprojects to the community and to local government units for sustainability commitments in time of the last year of project implementation.


The municipalities of Kapangan and Sablan conducted first on December 3 and 4, respectively. Other municipalities are to follow. CHARM2 Project assisted people’s organizations, barangay, municipal and provincial local government units and the CHARM2  Project personnel attended  the event to signify their respective commitments for the sustainability of the various subprojects.


Lighting the fire of commitment: the covenant for sustainability

sustaining developmentThe event aims to provide venue for the CHARM2 Project to officially hand-over the responsibility of maintaining and sustaining the POs and the projects through voluntarily soliciting the commitment of all the stakeholders.  


“Let us look into our completed projects and let us look into the commitments of the LGUs and the community. CHARMP2 will not last forever and there’s always time for everything,” said Aida Pagtan, SMPIP Coordinator of CHARM2 Project although she said that CHARMP2 will extend for a year for its AAIGA component activities  and monitoring to be fully completed.


Milestones and accomplishments of the municipalities were presented to the community to recall on the processes undergone by the project for the development of the community. MLGU heads gave their statement of commitments for sustainability while the people organizations also signified their commitment to sustain development through a covenant signing.


Local government units committed to provide technical and financial support to the peoples organizations. Kapangan Mayor Roberto K. Canuto, on behalf of the MLGU, committed to allot one million to support livelihood groups next year.


Community development facilitators who also served as the community mobilization officers for almost six years all in all and the CHARM2 Project as a whole will now have to take their hands off from the community, therefore, the POs will have to stand on their own and sustain their organizations and projects.


“It’s high time that the community should know their right and know how to demand these rights from the government,” said Kapangan Mayor Roberto K. Canuto as he further challenged the communities to continue on the development work and sustain it for future’s sake.


sustaining developmentCHARM2 Project: a legacy of human development

“CHARMP2 focuses on human development, CHARMP2 is not about rural infrastructure development, it’s just a manifestation. CHARMP2 is towards community development, about building the people. It is a pro-poor, community-driven project,” said Mayor Canuto.


He said that there is inclusive growth in CHARM2 Project.  He mentioned the result of community-based monitoring system where in the four CHARM2 Project covered areas in Kapangan, poverty threshold was reduced by 21% from 66.19% in 2008 to 45.23% this year. This, according to Mayor Canuto, evidently shows the great impact of the CHARM2 Project in the areas. He said that this is a result of the investment of the project in social mobilization upholding human development in these barangays.


Sablan Mayor Arthur C. Baldo said that the people’s organizations are the foundation of the project and the BPMETs are the ones who will watch over the projects. 


Some PO representatives also shared testimonies of how the project helped them and their community for the past seven years. “Without the trainings  given by the CHARM2 Project, we cannot achieve our plans,” said Orlando Gorio, barangay chairman of Cuba.


“The project made a difference in the lives of the people in Sablan,” said Mayor Baldo as he relates how the various project of CHARMP2 helped the communities in their town. He said that every centavo given to LIG counts and he shares his hope that hopefully, it will grow. “We will work on that,” he therefore committed.

 sustaining development

“The communities are our partners in development,” said Mayor Canuto. Therefore, he said that each one must continue to support development work and sustain it for their children and for the following generations.// Crislyn F. Balangen/Photos: Patrick W. Depolio

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