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AtOPAI conducts market assessment



ix members of the Atok Organic Practitioners Association, Inc. (AtOPAI) conducted a market assessment on organic vegetables in four supermarkets in Quezon City and Makati on August 8-9, 2013.



The market assessment was part of the Farmer Business School (FBS) under the Agriculture, Agribusiness, and Income Generating Activities (AAIGA) component being piloted in Benguet and Ifugao since October 2012. The purpose of the activity was to show the farmers that there really is a market for organic vegetables and the learnings that they gathered will be the bases for product innovations.


The farmers went around Shopwise-Libis, Shopwise-Cubao, SM-Aura, and SM-Makati. They were asked to go around the vegetable section to observe, feel the products, ask questions to customers about the products in terms of the price, packaging, and suggestions or comments.


The farmers had also a round table discussion with Ms. Erlinda Ocba, the Manager of Laguna Organic, about their observations during the assessment. The AtOPAI supplies organic vegetables to Laguna Organic since January 2013. Ms. Ocba also delivers the vegetables to the said supermarkets. Having been in the business for more than two years now, Ms. Ocba confirmed that there is really a market for organic vegetables but the supply is very limited. Hence, she encouraged the farmers to produce more and to innovate. She emphasized more on the importance of preparing a production plan which the farmers did through a workshop.


Two representatives from the Gambang Organic Practitioner in Bakun and the Natubleng Organic Farmers Practitioners Association also joined in the activity.


Luisa Baban of the Office of the Provincial Agriculture (OPAg), Rowena Billig of the Provincial Coordinating Office (PCO), Victoria Antonio of the Municipal Agriculture Office-Atok, Delfin Rufino of the Municipal Agriculture Office-Buguias, and two CMOs accompanied the farmers in the two-day activity.//Cynthia Rose C. Backian, CMO

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