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Barangay Balatoc finally implements infra project



he Panad-Tuwer Foot Path project is now on-going between the drop point (Tuwer) and Panad School ground at Barangay Balatoc Proper, Pasil. The project started implementing last July 12 with a project cost of PhP 1,276,556.12.



The length of the project is 781 linear meters from the end of the foot bridge on the drop point to the school ground at Panad elementary School. The contractor of the said project is the Royal Sea Bea’s. The status of the project as reported by the PMET President Mr. Jose Issic is 332 meters as of September 2, 2013.


The workers in the project are mostly women; 19 women and 10 men. Women usually carry out gravel and sand from the drop point to the construction site while men do the laying out and hard job.


One of the hindrances of why the project had been delayed is the unavailability of the counterpart coming from the DA-OSEC.


This led Brgy. Capt. Maximo Bangad to ask, “Tofo nan fayag nan charm manna, Makanu man gay gumatong chache project we kanakanan cha?”(It was been a year past but why is it that there’s no project yet, when will be the implementation of this CHARM project?)

However, the MMG came up with a new counter parting during the Municipal Management Group (MMG) Meeting at Amdalao, Pasil. The MMG proposed the 60-40-10 counter parting, 60% from CHARM, 40% from the LGU and 10% from the Barangay.


During a council of elders meeting held at Sitio Ganatil, Balatoc, CMO Herman Basing-at explained the agreed proposed counter parting. It was further elaborated by Mayor James Edduba which was present at that time. Finally the Council approved the proposed counter parting with the approval of the elders. // Herman Basing-at, CMO

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