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CHARMP2-AAIGA taps VSU expert for RTC pest & diseases

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election of good quality planting materials and good crop management is always a foundation of a good yield in Roots and Tuber crops (RTCs) production. This was emphasized by Erlinda A. Vasques, PhD from PhilRootcrops Visayas State University.



Under the AAIGA, RTCs are among the priority identified commodities by the Livelihood Interested Groups (LIGs) for the projects. However, production of these commodities is not just an easy job due to many factors on crop management such as pest and diseases.


Under the component 3, a training on Pest and Diseases Management was conducted last September 24-25 at Mt. Data Hotel and Restaurant, Bauko, Mountain Province to equip the participants from the different LIGs of Benguet and Mountain Province with their Agricultural Extension Worker counterpart from the LGU on the knowledge and technology for the control and management of RTC pest and diseases. An expert on pest and diseases management served as the resource person during the training from PhilRootscrops Visayas State University in the person of Erlinda A. Vasquez, PhD.


The activity included workshops on the enumeration and identification of pest and diseases of roots and tuber crops and their control, field walks on the application of sweet potato weevil sex pheromone trap, lecture and discussion and question and answer.


One of the most interesting topics is the sweet potato weevil. This is a destructive pest of sweet potato that can cause 70 to 100% yield lost. Now, this sweet potato weevil can be managed by using Sweet potato Weevil Sex pheromone Trap that was developed by Dr. Vasques. By using this technology, male sweet potato weevil will be trapped so mating with the female is impossible. Thus multiplication of the population is impossible. The sweet potato weevil sex pheromone trap is now available at the PhilRootcrops Visayas State University for farmers’ use at an affordable price.


On the other topics, pest and diseases management on yam, taro and cassava were also discussed. Moreover, Hilda Emiliano from Sablan, Benguet requested that if there are problems that they will encounter in the future in their farm they will text or call Dr. Vasquez. After the training, the management distributed free sweet potato weevil sex pheromone trap for each LIGs whose chosen commodity is sweet potato.// Rony

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