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Tinoc gets 30-M CHARMP2 infra projects



he Municipality of Tinoc, Ifugao acquired about 30 million pesos worth of infrastructure development projects.




This is under the Rural Infrastructure Development (RID) component of the CHARMP2 project according to the latest Provincial Management meeting conducted last September 20, 2013 at the Bahawit Nursery Conference Hall.


There are five approved Farm to Market Road (FMR) proposals worth 26.8 million pesos. Also, four proposals for Indigenous Peoples (IP) Halls worth 2.4 million were approved. The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Tinoc allotted at least 6.64 million pesos and solicited from the Provincial Government of Ifugao at least five million pesos to complete the needed 11.64 million pesos.


According to Jaime Ann Donato and Rosana Malana, the community mobilization officers (CMO) assigned in the area, LGU Tinoc is on the process of complying the Certificate of Availability of Fund from the Municipal Budget Officer for the needed 2.04 million pesos LGU counterpart.


Among the five approved FMR proposals, the Dengaw-Suyong FMR was fully completed worth of two million pesos and the Manhuyuhuy-Gaday FMR worth of 4 million pesos is on-going with 50% physical accomplishment. The Tulludan-Ahin and the Manhuyuhuy-Tukucan FMR Projects worth 7 million pesos each have just completed the bidding process at the LGU level and ready for implementation. The Luhong, Danggo, Tukucan, and Ahin IP Halls have just started the construction. The Gumhang-Luhong FMR is approved in principle complying the needed documents required by the project.


The other municipalities in Ifugao covered by the CHARM2 project are Mayoyao, Hingyon, Asipulo and Hungduan.//Hubert Otgalon


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