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Soldiers fully supported CHARMP2 agro project in Ifugao



he 54th Infantry Company Batallion participated in the implementation of the DA-CHARM2 Project’s agro-project in Barangay Pula and Cawayan, Asipulo, Ifugao on August 26-28, 2013.




Five members of the 54th Infantry Company together with Mrs. Gladys Daddi, Rosalia Puguon, Dona Baluna, Marina Wangwang, who represented the farmers organization, and Mr. Davert Tayaban, the municipal agricultural technician went to Cavite and Rizal to purchase 1,890 pieces grafted rambutan and lanzones since resources of these fruits in the locality is not enough.


They used the military vehicle in hauling the purchased seedlings from the supplier to the project site in barangay Pula and Cawayan. Furthermore, the soldiers volunteered to help the farmers in distributing, carrying of seedlings and preparation of the fields/land area.// Peter Dugninon, CMO-Asipulo
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