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Beyond prescriptions to Indigenous Peoples' Organization



he CWCFMA Project component serves as an avenue for the residents of Brgy. Tanglagan to learn the essence of unity and voluntarism. Aside from the benefits and knowledge imparted by the Project to them, they come to realize that there is more to the project and that is the joy they found in developing their community.

The nursery site for project reforestation was donated by Cesar Ballesteros of Tanglagan and is located in Sitio Lower Patong Tabuan, Tanglagan, Calanasan.

┬áIn the eastern part of the nursery site and western part of the Agro FFS learning site, an “A” Type open Bungalow was constructed on July 20, 2012 on the PO’s own initiative and expenses. The bungalow is now by the members as a place for meeting, resting, classroom for Farmers Field School and other gatherings.

The bungalow has an approximate area of four meters width by ten meters length. The building posts and truss of red lawan lumber were donated by the members. The total expenses for the building materials of around 14,000 were shared by the members.

According to Engr. Sonny Salvacion, Project RID Assistant Coordinator, each member willingly contributed more than Php 480.00 excluding transportation. The organization during this period was composed of only 29 (16 M & 13 F) members, 16 are males and 13 females.

“Everyone had no regrets about their contributions in the constructions of the building. There selfless efforts resulted to a tangible output. It was an outcome of their togetherness aside from the requirements given which is very important in the implementation of the projects. Indigenous peoples’ unity is a powerful key to achieve such goal even if their finances are limited. Now, the members of the organization (and even non-members) are enjoying the benefits of this structure they built any time they have need of it. //Christoffer P. Vidad & Digna D. Villanueva



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