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PBSMs' egg production and marketing business

PBSM egg & poultry


n the world of business, one just does not put up the business and wait for the One above to do His wonders for the business to prosper. In putting up a business, whether small or big, hard work, perseverance, patience, camaraderie, trust, and most of all, cooperation among the members of the group is very important.


On November of 2014, the Pasdong Bantay Shontoug Movement (PBSM) availed of the livelihood assistance activity of the Project under the AAIGA Component. The Organization was engaged specifically on vegetable production and re-lending for agricultural production. The members were able to benefit from their vegetable production and re-lending business. However, after realizing that vegetables do not have a standard price and vegetables are disaster prone, the association decided to shift to another business venture that is, egg production and marketing.


According to Mr. Silog, President of the Organization, they shifted to egg production and marketing because the demand for fresh eggs in the community is high and the only source of egg is in Baguio City. Further, the community has a trouble in transporting the eggs from the city to the barangays because Pasdong is far and eggs break easily. Despite the problems and struggles met during their first year of operation on vegetable production, they were able to pay back their loan to the Atok Municipal Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative that served as their Community Funding Institution (CFI).

After one year of operation, the organization was subjected to a thorough assessment and evaluation by the LAF Assessment team. The LIG qualified for a LAF transfer. On September 16, 2016, they received their LAF grant. On February this year, the association purchased a total number of 200 chicken layers for egg production. The shift from vegetable production to egg production and marketing is showing early signs of success. 

As shown in their data sheet, the group was able to gain an amount of Php 3, 500.00 for the month of March, Php 11, 000.00 for the month of April and a quantum leap gain of Php 32, 000.00 for the month of May from the sales of the eggs.

At present, the Organization is considered as one of the budding Indigenous Livelihood Interest Groups (LIGs) of the Project.


Accordingly, they already have established a supply chain among the local stores inside and outside the Barangay going up to nearby towns like La Trinidad and the Good Shepherd Convent in the city. Because of the high demand for fresh eggs, the movement was not able to comply with the orders, especially to the bulk of orders from the convent since they have bulk orders. According to Mr. Silog, an extension of the poultry is insight once fund for the purchase of additional layers is available.

The price for the eggs varies according to their sizes. For a tray of small sized eggs, they sell it for Php 150, Php 160 and Php 170.00 for the medium and large sized eggs. Extra-large eggs are still not available at the moment since the chickens were still beginning to lay eggs.


During the site visit, Mr. Eugene Pel-o, a member of the movement and caretaker of the poultry farm, mentioned that out of the 200 total number layers, only 194 heads is alive. The six died because they got colds during the rainy days. Further, after going around the farm, Mr. Pel-o raised an egg stained with blood and said, these are bad signs because these stains indicate that the chicken is having a hard time laying and that the internal organ of the chick is wounded. To counter these problems, vitamins were being fed to the layers so as to boost their immune system and to fight other diseases./mjmaguide

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